Full Paediatric First Aid Course – 12 Hour – Blended

This course is blended learning – it is a 6-hour online component and a 6-hour classroom based course that meets all Ofsted requirements for the 12 Hour course.

£139.00 £103.00

Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course – 6 Hour – Classroom

The course meets Ofsted Requirements, for Nannies, Child-minder’s and Play Group Workers working as part of a team. A course not to be missed.

£89.00 £76.00

Emergency First Aid At Work Course – Classroom

The workplace can often be a dangerous place with many actual and potential hazards. We can deliver a course which will give individuals the confidence to put newly gained skills into practice if required in the workplace.

£99.00 £81.00

Recognising and Treating Anaphylaxis – e-Learning

All our first aid courses fully meet the UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 as per the HSE requirements.

£36.00 £29.98

Paediatric First Aid Course Annual Refresher – e-Learning

The course meets Ofsted Requirements, for Nannies, Childminder's and Play Group Workers and therefore you will gain a nationally recognised certificate.

£36.00 £29.98

Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course – 6 Hour – e-Learning

The e-Learning Experience even if you have never done e-Learning and are unfamiliar with computers, our e-Learning course is simple and easy to navigate.

£39.00 £34.98

Food Safety Course Level 1 – e-Learning

Our Food Hygiene / Food Safety course covers all the basics on food preparation, regulations, precautions and care when preparing food for others.

£36.00 £32.00

Food Safety Course Level 2 – e-Learning

This is a level 2 course for general food hygiene training for people working directly with food. We also offer a level 1 course that covers the basics of food safety.

£45.00 £36.00

First Aid At Work Annual Refresher – e-Learning

The First Aid at Work refresher course is for anyone who wishes to fulfil the strong recommendations by the HSE (first aid regulations 1981) that all first aiders in a business should annually refresh their first aid skills.

£36.00 £29.98

Appointed Persons In The Workplace Course – e-Learning

This course can be completed 100% online unlike the other workplace courses as it is designed to give an employee a basic understanding of first aid requirements and basic treatments.

£36.00 £29.98

Moving And Assisting Of People Safely – Level 2 – e-Learning

This course is ideal for all workplace requirements, as it includes safer moving and positioning of people as well as manual handling of objects.

£42.00 £34.98

Family First Aid In An Emergency – e-Learning

We have found that many families and parents do not know the basics of first aid and do not really know what to do if they come across an accident or serious illness.

£36.00 £29.98

Fire Safety Awareness Course Level 1 – e-Learning

This level 1 course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in fire safety. The course is designed to meet and comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

£42.00 £34.98